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Who We Are

It can’t be mainstream because that’s just not them honestly. They don’t want to be Dave Matthews Band or O.A.R because they have no boundaries. It’s not about flashing lights, nice kicks, hotel rooms, or limo rides to the show. It’s not about girls, groupies, or the press, and its not about parties in the green room, expensive gear and excessive tattoos. It’s about the people. It’s the reason why bleedingkeys love Maroon 5 and Ben Harper. It’s why Kayne West and Jared Letto joined forces, and why Elton John can perform with Lady Gaga. It’s why the Roots tour with anyone and everyone and why Macklemore & Ryan Lewis’ “The Heist” has sold over 800,000 copies without any mainstream promotion or support. This is why bleedingkeys make music. It’s a dream to have a common understanding and to be the great communicator. It won’t save the world but it can make the wounds, the hunger, the threats, the racism, the prejudice, and the negligence, a little easier to stand up against. They want to be the venue where multiple cultures are provoked to listen to thoughts, ideas, and exciting music. These are the thoughts and dreams that keep them up at night. This music is about combining blues, folk, rock and soul in a way that sound and textures pay respect and represent each genre with great appreciation. They want this to be a playground that has no limitations to its games. This is a place where singing, rapping, fingerpicking, and poetry can meet in one accord. This is where they wish to play. They want to resolve the anger and pain others feel. They want to show you that there are more similarities in their music to your experiences than you may realize. The single thing that makes two apparently opposing genres harmonize is the greatest commonality; that we are all human. We all experience the same feelings and emotions, though there may be different things that make us feel these emotions, and we may express them in different ways. Yet, their music is created for a reason… bring us closer together.


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Meet the Band


Jon Beaty

Saxophone & Keys


Jeremy Johnson

Vocals & Acoustic Guitar


Jonathan Green