Not just anyone gets a crowded bar on their feet singing the lyrics to their favorite jam, or packs the house at a last-minute farewell show with 400+ in attendance just to see the band perform one last time. Jeremy’s music is special and only those who have honestly struggled through difficulties of life can relate. From the shock of losing a loved one, to the depression comes after watching the evening news, to becoming outraged at the amount of greed in the world, to the battles that ensue in marriage and relationships—his music contains all of this and more. Listen carefully, and you’ll find yourself in his lyrics, just like hundreds of his fans already have.


“The bleedingkeys sound is very—eclectic:  soul, pop, rock and a sprinkle of blues. We like to keep our audience guessing about what’s coming next.” —Darren Cooper


“I learned two things really quickly: They’re good songwriters, and they’re also good people.”