Ghost Again (2014)

This album is truly a journal of my life. Ghost Again embodies the good, the bad and the in between. You’ll hear Slick Black Cadillac, which I wrote in Vegas after I got fired from my corporate job. And you’ll hear Beauty in the Black, which I wrote after a close friend had a traumatic accident. The song Ghost Again is about being that person that “drifts away” from others, and what that ebb and flow is like. Hope you enjoy the music.  —Jeremy


This album was our first EP. It’s got some of my favorites on it. You’ll find one of many versions of Loves Like Holding Guns, which is everyone’s favorite for some reason—probably because it’s about the struggle we find ourselves in love and relationships. Gems To Stone was one of the first songs I ever wrote, written when my wife and I lived in Alaska, and I really had the time to consider the greed I saw in most of the world. Hope you enjoy. —Jeremy